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Me & My Job

I am a business author, writer and a consultant. I have about 12 years of work experience as a journalist. I was a staff writer for the business publications division of The Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Limited, a national daily, and Industrial Economist, a business magazine from South India.

I create ideas and ideation tools for a balanced personal and organisational growth.

I write articles, books and conduct workshops & training programs based on the ideation tools. I offer consulting services for organizations through Younomy, a management consulting firm. I am the founder of Learners Board, a not-for-profit that organizes events to promote ideas on the key growth dimensions of:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Management
  • Relations, and
  • Spirituality

I live in Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. Here is my personal blog. My latest pass time is writing for NewsKidz, an online newspaper for children.


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  • +91 9080190031 / 9790276206.
  • #6, Pugazhendhi Road, Cotton Market, Rajapalayam - 626117, Tamil Nadu, India.